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Tomas Diaz - Suky (Official Video - PG13 Version)

Suky is the original "desorden internacional," it embodies the spirit of a fantasy filled universe where joy, freedom of expression and the human spirit are able to dance in the daily carnival that is life on earth . Suky transmits a musical and visual energy that's contagious, to say the least, joined by a multitude of characters unique to the style and world of Suky, The rhythm offers audiences of all ages a trip to another dimension where happiness reigns.


Suky - TV Promo Reel



News & Events

Ten People You Meet at Calle Ocho

April 7, 2015

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What is Suky? It's all Suky! Baila Suky!

“Suky was everywhere this year. Suky on booty shorts. Suky on t-shirts. Suky on rubber duckies, kazoos, on photo stops, as abetted by golden buddhas, and little people dressed as the Statue of Liberty, and even posted on trees. Suky, for locking down the street promotion like no other at Calle Ocho 2015, we salute you. ”

— Miami New Times


March 7 - 8, 2015


Carnaval on the Mile and Suky!

Suky rocked the mile, three concert stages with over 30 musical groups and performers from all over the US featuring Latin Funk, Rock, Folk, Reggae and Rap.

Kiwanis Carnaval on the Mile 2014


Annual Migrant Children’s Toy and Shoe Run


December 14, 2014


A heartwarming event took place on Sunday December 14, 2014 at the Everglades Village in Florida City, FL. At this Charity event Suky donated over 300 backpacks to the children of Homestead!

The 2014 ANNUAL MIGRANT CHILDREN’S TOY & SHOE RUN was an absolute success thanks to the passion and support of all who lent a hand and made these beautiful children’s Christmas a little brighter. We thank you and look forward to your support in 2015!


December 6, 2014


The Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation hosted its 38th annual Christmas Gala on December 6, 2014.
Tomas Diaz and his orchestra livened up the dance floor with his hit “Suky” and other songs from his new album being released this year. The gala is held every year to be able to provide warm meals and gifts during the holidays. Tomas feels fortunate to be able to have been able to participate in such a charitable event.

Kiwanis Christmas Gala


Amigos for Kids charity


October 20, 2014


Suky visited the Amigos for Kids Jose Marti After School Program in East Little Havana and donated around 100 Halloween costumes and props used in the making of the Suky music video. The mystically themed Suky Song has been the highest budgeted music video shot in the City in Miami in years.


About Suky


Sookie may also be known or recognized as “PANGANGI”, “PANGANGA”, “BAZOOKA”, and can be played by the whole family, boys and girls alike.

Once a person has played or been explained the Rules, he or she is a player for life.
“No one can quit the SOOKIE.”



Some say this game was invented by third-graders. While that may be true, we just don’t know the year.
While on a recent trip to China, in the city of Qufu (pronounced Chufu), we visited Confucius’ birthplace. While there, we found that in 10 B.C. Confucius had first used the word Sookie to highlight his enjoyment at having fooled one of his disciples by using a play on words. The conversation went something like this:

Confucius: “Hey, Long Dong. Did you get any hanamaten last night?”.

Disciple: “What?”

Confucius: “Sookie!”

… and thus the birth of SOOKIE!!




Ringup – Various methods of Sookieing someone. The actual act of Sookie.

Sookiee – the person initiating a Ringup by setting off a Sookie Trigger.

Sookier – the person RingingUp the Sookiee by intentionally causing the Sookiee to set off a Sookie Trigger.

Trigger – the phrase or action that sets up the Sookiee to be Rungup by the Sookier.

Unemotional Sookie (Domestic Rules)

Name given to a Sookie which results when in the normal course of conversation the Sookiee triggers a Sookie, but the Sookier had no intention of getting the Sookie. At the point of triggering the Sookie, the Sookier merely gives a Ringup without any emotion. This is done simply to let the Sookiee know that the Sookier is paying attention. Honesty plays an important part of this Sookie.

Reverse Sookie

This Sookie occurs when the Sookiee is aware a Sookier is attempting to Ring them up. To perform the tricky Reverse Sookie, the Sookiee must accentuate an obvious Trigger (such as “WHAT?”). Honesty also plays a crucial part of the Reverse Sookie. The Sookiee must be sure to make it known that he/she was aware of the Sookier’s intention.

FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS: Advanced Reverse Sookie – The difference from a normal Reverse Sookie is that the Sookiee does not accentuate an obvious Trigger word, but instead gives the Sookier a look which says “Nice try, Buddy.”

Silent Sookie

This occurs when the Sookier, with the use of a simple head gesture (such as a nod), makes the Sookiee trigger a Ringup. This is the most difficult and sought-after Sookie.

Acceptable Triggers to Sookie (or Ringup Words)

  • What?

  • Where?

  • Why?

  • Who?

  • When?

  • How?

  • Huh?

  • Uh?

  • Plus any variation ending in one of the Triggers mentioned above, such as “You said what?”

Acceptable phrases which do not Trigger a Ringup are:

  • What did you say?

  • Who is that?

  • When are we going?

  • Come again.

  • One more time.

  • Excuse me.

  • As long as the question is a complete sentence or does not end in a trigger word.

Acceptable Sookie Ringups

  • Sookie (Traditional)

  • Short Whistle Burst

  • Pangangi

  • Panganga

  • Bazooka

All of these Audible Ringups are accompanied by the traditional right arm “suck my nuts”



These are some of the stories we have received from our members of their Sookie experiences:

I sookied Orly Delgado in Disney World. By far the best sookie moment in my short life.”
from Joaquin Gonzalez

“I was fortunate enough to witness an unforgettable sookie when Frank Ortiz SILENT okied Carlos de M. from across a food court (aprox. 25 yards) at JFK Airport. Furthermore, the ringup was anything BUT silent, leaving the onlooking crowd very startled and dumbfounded” from Daniel Suñiga.

“One time I was engaged in an intense sookie battle against this [man] named Felix from North Miami. He attempted to counteract his previous humiliation (I got him) with a sookie of his own. However, being the master that I am, I achieved The Advanced Reverse Sookie, keeping my previous victory intact and showing my dominance” from David L. Markel.

“The most amazing sookie I ever had (which I suffered) was when my brother came downstairs on January 2nd, 2002, and said ‘do you play a game named sookie?’ I said ‘no shut up what are you talking about?’ He says ‘I think you do and you have been for a long time’, (not knowing this game was actually called sookie since I had been playing it for about 3 years now) Then he says to me, ‘o yea, I just read an ESPN The Magazine article about Joaquin Gonzalez, and he’s been playing a game since he was 12 that his brother made up called sookie, its a game that if you say “what?” or “huh?”(I also play with “hmm?”) you lose’… and right then and there it was a horrible, I said ‘WHAT?’ and no other what could’ve been more clearer than that one.” From Anthony (Butter) Petix

“Me and my brother read about sookie in ESPN the magazine and we came up with something we like to call ‘modified sookie’. Instead of just saying sookie when ring up each other we punch the hell out of the sookie. The only way the sookie can stop the punching is to touch the nearest doorknob. If there are any obvious late hits the sookie gets to peg the hitter in the back usually with a basketball. We just wanted to know what you thought about it” from Adam Skipwith

“I ran across this website while reading a profile of Joaquin Gonzalez in ESPN the magazine. I grew up playing sookie (we said “DICK” instead of sookie). I learned it while working at the now-defunct Opryland theme park in Nashville, TN some 15 years ago. Some guy, whose name I can’t recall, started me playing before I even knew the rules. Once I found them out, he was never able to get me again and I paid him back for 3 summers! What a great game!!! I had almost forgotten about it” from Mike Bamman

“I also play the ‘modified’ version of sookie, but instead of touching a doorknob you have to take of your shoe. Anyway, I was playing PS2 with my neighbor (who is a sookie veteran of his whole life, and has never lost) and I didn’t even try to sookie him but I said one of the guys names on the game and he said, ‘what?’ I was more surprised than he was. He didn’t say a word for the rest of the night” from Rob Werkowski