Count De Money



Mary joined Rock The Moon Productions in 2014 after learning about this newest endeavor via a mutual friend of hers and founder, Tony Gonzalez. A big music fan, her past work experience includes event planner, notary public, data-entry specialist, travel reservation specialist, bookkeeper, supply manager, sales and purchasing agent, and casting and production assistant. A skilled negotiator and extremely multitasked, Mary also has a great capacity to find humor in every situation as is proficient at communicating with emojis. Her strongest work ethic assets are transparency, trustworthiness, loyalty, and maintaining absolute confidentiality. She loves absurdities, chocolate, clouds, design, motorcycles, and genuine people with original ideas. She's excited to be part of the team because it offers her the opportunity to listen to original, unreleased music, access to the behind-the-scenes and attending fun events.