Copperbridge Foundation,
a Miami-based non-profit, promotes the
3rd Annual Havana World Music Festival in Cuba

Miami, Florida (February 10, 2016) - Copperbridge Foundation (CBF), a non-profit organization with the mission to promote cultural and educational exchange through the medium of artistic expression, is the United States Promoter of the 3rd Annual Havana World Music Festival from the National Center of Popular Music and the Cuban Institute of Musictaking place in Havana, Cuba from March 24-27, 2016.  


CBF , known as promoters of world-class dance, art, and music, supports Havana World Music in opening a window from Cuba to the world by promoting this cultural event that is known for its avant garde spirit and music quality that reflects an image of a creative, open-minded and modern Cuba. Havana World Music Festival (HWM), is expected to host over 10,000 attendees and will see US and Cuba joining forces to make musical history. Featured international acts include Al McKay and The All Stars Earth, Wind & Fire, Juanito MakandéCentavrvs, top Cuban artistsHavana D'Primera,Yoruba AndaboKelvis Ochoa, and many more.

"Looking forward to perform at The Havana Music Festival with our show Earth, Wind & Fire Experience. We are looking so much to get in Cuba and really see what we've only read about and heard about. Every musician I have met from there is excellent so I am very, very impressed; we hope we can exchange some ideas culturally," commented Al McKay of Al McKay and The All Stars.


In addition to the main Havana World Music Festival, HWM and CBF have created an extended program beginning March 21st taking place at Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), a multi-faceted venue from the Ministry of Culture, to host creative workshops, lectures, planned and spontaneous jam sessions, and exciting exclusive performances that will continue to unfold and ignite throughout the week. Created by Cuban rock and media artist, X Alfonso, FAC, is a multi-faceted venue - a gallery, bar, and performance setting, blending all facets of arts into one creative space. FAC was recently featured in the New York Times and on Anthony Bourdain's award-winning travelogue, Parts Unknown: Cuba, revealing the best ways to experience Havana.


Be a part of history: as a US participant you will be able to legally travel to Cuba to attend the festival under the CBF general license. Be a part of the first wave of music fans to share this live music and living history experience with these internationally renowned talents by being part of a 7-day musical and cultural happening.


Artist Lineup:

Al McKay and The All Stars - Earth, Wind and Fire Experience (USA)

Havana D' Primera (Cuba)

Juanito Makandé (Spain)

Yoruba Andabo (Cuba)

Centavrvs (Mexico)

Kelvis Ochoa (Cuba)

Sergent García (France)

Woman of the World (Argentina - Ecuador - Cuba)

Yelsy Heredia (Cuba)

Vox Sambou (Haiti - Canada)

Yissy & Bandancha (Cuba)

Carolina Camacho (Dominican Republic)

Ecos (Cuba)


This Havana-based cultural event offers American citizens an opportunity to travel legally to Cuba and engage in meaningful interactions with the Cuban people through music.


Our travel packages are fully compliant with U.S. Treasury Department laws.  To attend the festival and for additional information on Havana World Music Festival from the United States, please contact Copperbridge Foundation for Global Passes and Travel Packages:


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