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El B (Bian Oscar Rodriguez Gala) originally a member of Los Aldeanos, a rap duo from Cuba, has undoubtedly become a leader of the Latin American Hip Hop movement. Born and raised in Havana Cuba, El B’s music and themes transgress the borders
of his native country. His outspoken, uncompromising, unique lyrics and voice have spread his message to a global audience. Against all odds, even against those who tried to suppress him, he has been able to deliver hope and inspiration to his fans.


With a career spanning from Censurado, his first album with Los Aldeanos in 2003, followed by their second album, Poesia Esposada, a year later, El B has been recognized
as a revolutionary figure. He is critical of bureaucratic regimes, corruption, and all the ills of society, while at the same time he reinforces universal human values. Mi Filosofia, released in
2006, was El B’s first solo album, he declared to the Cuban regime that his revolutionary music was here to stay. The following year Los Aldeanos joined together with 43 other artists and collaborated on the album, La Comision Depuradora (The Purging Commission). This large collaboration drew much attention as it was the first time many of these Cuban born rappers had the opportunity to release their music to the public. In 2008, El B’s double album, Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, gained significant international acclaim. His lyrics represented two alter egos: deep
human emotions versus aggressive ideas.


His talents and accomplishments have not gone unnoticed,
as he is considered a pure artist among his peers. In 2007
and 2008, El B participated in and won “Redbull’s
Batalla de Los Gallos” in Cuba, a freestyle rap championship.
The first time in history someone had won the revered
contest in consecutive years. Through the power of the internet, El B has become an international Hip-Hop sensation with over 40 million combined viewson youtube alone.


El B now resides in Miami, FL, USA and is finishing his 6th studio album. Album is set to be released in the 4th quarter, 2015.